Strategies for Real Weight Management™


24 weeks


24* + 24**

Meal Replacement



* Intensive behavioural lifestyle classes
** Medical appointments
*** Purchased separately from the onsite Loblaws pharmacy
**** Does not include food, meal replacement, or medication
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Is STREAM™ Right for You?

STREAM™ might be right for you if your goal is to lose 10% to 20% of your starting weight with the aid of a full meal replacement for up to 12 weeks followed by gradual transition to a food-focused approach.


Want to add more structure to the program and more support from your registered dietitian?  Enrol in STREAM™ Plus for an additional $250.  STREAM™ Plus adds a personalized meal plan created by your registered dietitian and smart shopping lists that you can access through our online meal planning portal. You also get two individual appointments and two check-in calls with one of our registered dietitians to make sure you are getting the full benefit of this amazing add-on.
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The care you receive from our doctors and registered dietitians will be based on the best clinical evidence currently available. This means your weight loss will be sustainable over the long-term, which is essential for weight management.


Life is hectic. We get it! That is why we offer virtual appointments for those who cannot or do not want to drive to the clinic. Meet with our clinicians by video or phone. Our video appointment software allows you to communicate face-to-face with your doctor and dietitian over an encrypted channel.
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How STREAM™ and STREAM™ Plus Work

You will participate in live (STREAM Live) or video (STREAM On Demand) lifestyle behaviour classes led by one of our registered dietitians while being followed by one of our doctors who specializes in bariatric care.  You will be on a full meal replacement for the first 12 weeks of the program and then gradually transition back to a food-focused structured meal plan for the last 12 weeks of the program.


Depending on your schedule, you can choose STREAM Live or STREAM On Demand. STREAM Live consists of live lecture classes conducted online through Zoom. You will meet online at a regular time with a dietitian and a group of your peers for 24 weeks. If your schedule does not allow you to attend the live sessions or you do not like group classes, then STREAM On Demand is an excellent alternative. In STREAM On Demand, you will complete video-based online learning when and where it is convenient for you. Lessons are dripped to you once per week to ensure a reasonable pace. The content of both formats is very similar, so the choice between STREAM Live and STREAM On Demand ultimately comes down to your availability and learning preference.

Medical Appointments

Each week, you will meet with one of our doctors who specializes in bariatric medicine to ensure your safe progression and optimal weight loss throughout the program.


If you enrolled in STREAM™ Plus, you will meet with one of our registered dietitians at weeks 11 and 17 of the program. After the first appointment, your registered dietitian will create a personalized meal plan for you as you prepare to transition back to food. You will access your meal plan online through our amazing meal planning portal that includes smart shopping lists. Your second appointment with one of our registered dietitians will be used to ensure the meal plan is working for you and make any necessary adjustments.

After the Program

Obesity is a chronic disease that requires long-term management. After you complete your program, we offer regular appointments with your LEAF doctor. Regular appointments with your LEAF doctor (OHIP covered) will ensure we catch weight regain as soon as it occurs and we deal with it before it is significant. Our standard post-program follow-up schedule will help you be successful over the long-term.
Some patients who complete a program decide to re-enroll in the same program, a different program, or a membership. Others choose the less structured approach of BUDS appointments. Whatever you choose, we will always be here for you and we will never pressure you to enroll in any of our programs or memberships. At LEAF, you are in control of your care.

Ready to Get Started?

All programs require medical authorization. If you already are a patient at LEAF and were referred to the clinic by a doctor or nurse practitioner, call or email the clinic to schedule an appointment with your LEAF doctor to let them know you want to enroll in ROOT™. Otherwise, have your doctor or nurse practitioner refer you to LEAF for a medical consult.  We usually see patients in consult within two to three weeks of referral.

Program Resources

Here are some resources to help you learn more about our STREAM™ program and get you started. Additional resources may be made available to you through LEAF Academy, our online learning center.
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Program Guide

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